Lightech fits out Japanese bar and restaurant

Posted on Thursday, October 30th, 2008

It might seem odd that a Queensland lighting company has supplied the design and lighting for a restaurant and bar located at Tokyo Harbour in Japan but that is just what happened to Lightech. The venue is called Danzero and its’ Japanese owner also owns property and businesses in Australia and it was her management team in Australia that became impressed by the quality of the work achieved by Lightech.

“Budgets and basic designs went back and forth until everyone was happy,” commented Tremaine. “However, it looks completely different in the photos to what I thought it would! The plans changed daily – in fact I was surprised to see the dance floor now in a completely different location.”     

Tremaine’s company Lightech is renown for its’ LED and fibre optic work in venues around Australia and Danzero was no different. Tremaine and his team configured the lighting design in his Burleigh Heads warehouse pretty much constructing the whole design to ensure it worked well. For example, a sample of the glass bricks used for the bar was sent to him so he could work out the best way to light them with fibre optics.

“However the sample they sent us was frosted and then they used clear bricks!” said Tremaine.

Tremaine also ventured into the entertainment lighting supplying three Martin smartMAC, Martin’s extremely bright profile light and image projector. Specially suited for lounges, bars and restaurants, and appropriately silent for noise sensitive environments, smartMAC will liven up any space while saving money on power bills and service and maintenance checks. The smartMAC houses eight interchangeable dichroic colours and six interchangeable effects.

Tremaine initially supplied three black smartMAC fixtures although the client has spray painted two of them white to blend into the venue’s décor.

“There are a couple of major walls in the bar that needed something extra,” explained Tremaine. “Initially they were going to have some kind of signage on them but because we were doing the dance floor lighting as well the smartMACs were a much better alternative – they project the Danzero logo onto the wall with one setting but at a push of the ‘nightclub’ button on the C-Bus control they revert to being a nightclub light. Also, when you push the ‘wedding’ button they act as a spotlight onto the podium where speeches take place.

“I really like the smartMACs even though that type of lighting is not our core business as we’re a lot more architectural. Whenever we do get involved in this type of lighting I always turn to Martin and Show Technology. The smartMACs provide an impressive show of effects and colour plus they’re very bright and compact.”

For the dance floor Tremaine chose two Martin Mania EFX800 effects machines for broad sweeping flower effects, two SCX700 scanners, Atomic strobes and a JEM smoke machine.

All in all, it was a job well done and the client was very impressed by the results.