Light Heart no light hearted effort

Posted on Friday, July 15th, 2011


Monday the 31st May was a very early and cold start at Federation Square for the Resolution X crew. Arriving to a see a formidable opponent looming ominously, they were tooled up and ready for battle with the Light Heart Pyramid which was 17m square at the base, 15m tall and crawling with angry scaffolders who had worked tirelessly throughout the night to have the structure ready for them.

It was to be no easy feat with 186 Pro Shop LED Tubes, 16 Martin MAC301s with custom made acrylic houses, 85 runs of 20m stargazer festoons, and 12 LED par cans needing to be installed. All lighting fixtures were spread far and wide across the three dimensional structure.

Light Heart Pyramid was designed by internationally renowned lighting designer, Bruce Ramus, for the Light in Winter Festival held at Federation Square. The Light in Winter Festival is an annual celebration of light and enlightenment which is aimed at engaging Melbourne’s various and diverse cultural communities. Bruce describes the structure as “organic” and “a wonderful and creative community space “.

Various community groups and schools were asked to provide handmade lanterns which were to adorn the structure alongside the newest artistic craze; yarn bombing. The installation remained in the centre of Federation Square for the month of June.

By far not a normal three runs of truss and 24 movers gig, this huge structure took two days to install the scaffolding and three days to install the lighting. All five days were graced by the Melbourne weather gods as, whilst it was very cold, there was not a drop of rain in the middle of a Melbourne winter! However an event of this complexity was always going to see its share of technical challenges, none of which were too hard for the Resolution X team to overcome. A very well deserved beer was had at the end of a challenging yet rewarding installation.