Light Emotion LX Series LED Moving Heads

Posted on Tuesday, May 8th, 2012


The LX25SPOT is a compact moving head using a 25W LED light source providing 9 colours + white and 9 gobos plus open. A 13 degree beam angle ensures a well focused and precise beam with brightness comparable to a 100W incandescent lamp whilst using a fraction of the power. The LX25 is controlled via 11 DMX channels or can act as either stand alone or run under master/slave operation. At just 6kg, the fixture is lightweight and extremely portable.

The LX50 Wash uses a single 50W LED light source to produce a virtually infinite range of colours by way of DMX control. A 25 degree beamangle ensures accurate beam coverage while the built in dimmer and shutter gives the user complete control over the fixture. The LX50 can also operateunder master/slave configuration where it will run through in builtprogramswithout the need of a DMX controller.

The LX50 Spot uses a 50W white LED light source to spit out brilliant bursts oflight, shaped by 7 rotating gobos and 8 colours plus white. A 3 facet prismsplits the beam for impressive effects with or without smoke or haze. With a weight of 5.7kg, the LX50 is light and compact, while producing light output equivalent to a 150W discharge lamp.

A 75W white LED light source is used to create intense output from the LX75SPOT rated at up to 24,500 lux at 1 metre. 7 interchangeable indexed rotating gobos plus open white, with convenient slot-n-lock fitting and the classic ‘gobo shake’ effect are on offer, along with electronic dimming and 17-20 degree zoom. Split colours can also be used. A 3-facet prism with adjustable rotating speed and direction creates a rainbow effect with DMX 14 channels on offer or stand alone, master/slave operation. At 11kgs you will be pleasantly surprised at the ease of hanging, all housed in a compact and attractive chassis.

The biggest surprise with the new LX range is the price. While competing admirably alongside “name” brands on features and performance, the LX range is highly competitive on price. And with fixtures already being installed intosuch prestigious environments as Sydney’s IVY bar, there is plenty of interest from the professional lighting market.