Light Emotion LED Raises the Bar

Posted on Tuesday, June 2nd, 2009

The LED bar is a streamlined narrow LED floodlight that can be used in many different applications, to create powerful flood lighting with surreal washes of intense colour. While only drawing a tiny 35 watts of power, dozens can be run off a single 240-volt circuit. And with piggyback IEC plugs you can daisy chain them until the cows come home.

They are just as useful for up and down lighting in venue installations as for creating a trendy, Neon style, retro look for mounting on walls and stages. Hundreds have been installed in locations as diverse as bars and nightclubs through to churches and houses of worship. With Red Green Blue colour mixing and full DMX control you can run hands on, or simply set to sound active, chase or colour change mode. Two hanging brackets hold up the meter long steel fixture and at under 10 kgs it’s an easy lift. Add to that the LEDBAR has low heat output, faster pack down, a lamp life of 100,000 hours and improved reliability. The LEDBAR is an affordable mainstay that (second only to the parcan) has become one of the industry’s preferred fixtures. RRP $349. For dealer list and specifications go to