Light Bytes 1st edition now on sale

Posted on Thursday, February 9th, 2017

Wayne Howell, CEO of Artistic Licence and inventor of Art-Net, is pleased to announce the publication of the 1st edition of his book “Light Bytes – Inside Art-Net and sACN”.

The book – a practical reference on the Art-Net and sACN lighting protocols – was launched recently in preview edition at the 2016 PLASA London show. Already enjoying strong sales, the book has now been updated to cover the latest version of sACN (E1.31-2016), and includes a foreword by Iain Ruxton, Design Associate at Speirs + Major.

Given the increasing industry-wide use of ethernet as a means for transporting DMX512, this timely reference manual is a must-have for anyone seeking to increase their knowledge of Art-Net or sACN.

Light Bytes – Inside Art-Net and sACN

While the Art-Net and sACN protocol definition documents are available to all, they do not seek to address real world implementation issues or developer FAQs.

Written with practicality in mind, this book provides the missing link. Starting with a networking primer, it moves onto the detailed packet structures and definitions used in each protocol. Following the theoretical groundwork, readers are led through the problems that are often encountered in real-world applications, with tips on how to avoid them.

The book strives for a balanced approach, comparing and contrasting Art-Net and sACN, while explaining how each protocol is evolving to meet the needs of a changing marketplace. There is a handy chapter on freely available software diagnostics tools, along with useful code examples for both Art-Net and sACN developers.

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