LedFX can now offer monthly payment deals on T8 FluroLED Tubes

Posted on Friday, October 23rd, 2009

LedFX now has a new generation of LED lamp that they claim replaces the T8 fluorescent lamp and also saves you up to 50% on your energy usage with or without the ballast and starter installed.  LedFX FluroLEDs are a direct electrical T8 replacement, you do not need an electrician to bypass the ballast as cheaper older generation replacements require.

According to LedFX, their NATA tested FluroLEDs use Cree LEDs mounted to an aluminium heat sink that run the entire length of tube giving the lamp a longer lifespan (50,000 hours+), this also prevents the sagging that occurs in cheaper older style LED lamps.

LedFX now offers monthly payment deals on environmentally friendly FluroLED tubes giving you a cost effective way to make big savings on energy usage. As an example, the monthly payment on 1000 tubes would be approximately $1889.00 (with no residual payment owing). The approximate dollar saving on energy when switching to 1000 tubes is $1600.00, this means there is only a $289.00 shortfall on the lease payment, but this shortfall can be made up by claiming interest on payments made.

This arrangement is based on chattel mortgage, purchaser owns the FluroLEDs after the final payment. After the final payment you can still expect to have 6-8 years of service from the FluroLEDs, meaning your company will reap the benefits in the form of more cash on the bottom line, plus you save energy and that helps save the planet for future generations.

For an added bonus you can also apply for the Federal Governments Green Building Fund Rebate which can be up to 50% to any business retro fitting energy saving initiatives into existing buildings.