LED’s slip in to Slip Inn

Posted on Friday, March 13th, 2009

Slip Inn is one of Sydney’s original big-night-out destinations and remains a stylish and exciting multi-purpose venue. Apart from bars, a lounge, club area and cutting-edge cuisine, the secluded rear of the hotel houses a huge Tuscan-style, sun-drenched courtyard.

Deep beneath the garden lies Chinese Laundry, an underground night club boasting huge weekly events and infamous parties. The room combines the rustic nature of the building with strong and brilliant hues of the Chinese inspired interior.

Avsound has been looking after all of the venue’s technical requirements for several years now and when the client decided that they wanted a little extra sparkle in the night club without spending too much cash, they knew exactly what to recommend.

A couple of the Pro Shop LED tubes have been mounted behind the DJ position in a V position. Because the promoters like low levels of light in the space the LED Bars are turned toward the ceiling so as not to cast too much light and shine in people’s eyes.

A Studio Due NanoLED, the smallest LED moving head in the market, sits on top of a sub woofer at the rear of the Chinese Laundry to create some colour movement. Eight Pulsar MR16’s were also installed into the Laundry to create some cycling colour over the infamous Chinese statues for an understated effect. The Pulsar MR16’s are connected to a Pulsar Outstation which is programmed to provide features such as colour selection, fade, and strobe.

“It’s only a small install but it has made a big difference,” said Renae Stanton, Avsound’s Venue Services Manager.