LED’s and Effect lighting find a Home

Posted on Monday, March 17th, 2008

Last year Home, Australia’s largest nightclub situated in Sydney’s busy Darling Harbour, revamped its’ lighting system calling upon Jands to manage the project. Jands then called upon Show Technology to supply a large amount of LED lighting as well as effects lighting to the entire venue.

Supplementary lighting for different elements was very important to the owner Simon Page and he worked very closely with Show Technology to ensure the best effect for different areas of the venue.  Furthermore Simon believes strongly in linking these areas together to ensure that the walk from one to another does not escape the overall effect. 

”It is always a different roll working with Simon; he is very creative and comes up with some really interesting ways use the gear,” commented Darren McLanders of Show Technology. “We had to work hard to stay ahead and ensure his ideas were in fact possible.”

In the main room, a supplementary LED Video system was required for the main focal point behind the DJ/Stage area; a matrix of Pro Shop LED Video Panels was sourced for this application. With their ultra bright output and 31mm pixel pitch, they were ideal for this location. Their output cuts easily over the moving lights in the venue as videos and visuals are displayed, fed from an ArKaos media server system; these numerous visualizations are at the lighting operators finger tips.

To compliment the video wall, there are about 150 Pro Shop LED DMX tubes placed around like a border and a continuation of the LED Video Screen. These are operated from the LED Mapping extension of the ArKaos media server package and signal is distributed to them via some ELC Ethernet distribution nodes. These offer a visual extension to the LED Wall as the visualization or video that is playing on the wall also appears on the tubes as a more abstract and low resolution images that wrap around the dance floor and draw your eye to the focal point of the stage.

The newly designed and located bar in this main room now features LED Strips set into the shelving to under light the spirit bottles. On the front of the bar there are also evenly spaced Pulsar ChromaMR16’s featuring the front face of the bar set from the overhang of the bar top. The ChromaMR16’s and LED Strips are controlled by a Pulsar OutStation simple wall panel controller.

Another great feature on the ground level is the abstract installation of LED Strips facing the main entrance to the venue. These are hung on abstract angles and positions in an area that would normally be very dark and boring. Their ultra bright output creates a slow colour changing effect shooting along the curved entrance way; once you enter the doorway and as you walk around this bend you are faced with a blinding glow of strips directing you vision upwards, immediately demanding your attention to the venue you have just entered.

Home features many little corridors, platforms and stairways that need an interest of their own, Martin effects were chosen for these applications due to their reliability and long operating life. The Martin oil effect, the Mania DC3 is used in more applications where as Martin Ego effects are used for more dynamic

applications in other stairwells and corridors.

Further to the main areas and corridors, the smaller side rooms and chill out areas benefit further from extra LED fittings set to closely follow the theme of each room. “The Box” for example is a small tucked away room that features walls and ceilings that are lined in yellow and black checker patterns, it is a small room aimed at a harder kind of dance. Its only lighting is numerous LED Strips shining parallel to the ceiling, across the faces of dancers in the middle of the room; perfect for the darker and dirty tracks played here.

The “Top Bar” features some Martin Mania EFX700’s, Martin Ego’s and a number of Pro Shop LED 4-Way Panels mounted on the walls around the room and behind the DJ. The EFX units provide punchy beam effects over the dance floor while the panels provided interesting chases, colour and movement around the room and highlight for the DJ. The panels are very versatile as they are also used for theming and branding when the room is hired for the night; a simple layer of semi transparent film creates an interesting back lit sign.

Other rooms around the venue also feature LED Strips, LED MultiPAR’s and Martin Effects to create different effects and themes.

The former front Home Bar also received a facelift and rejuvenated lighting look; newly named “Tokio Hotel” creates a larger sense of space in the bar along with sleeker furnishings for a far more modern feel. LED Strips are used in the shelves behind the bar her as well. Pulsar ChromaMR16’s are used in custom built mirror cubes. Designed by Simon, these cubes feature a Pulsar MR16 unit on each visible face, 5 per cube, perfect for control via the Chormazone as each 5 ChromaMR16’s can be wired together within each cube and cabled back to the ChromaZone under a single 5 core cable.