JVG Joins The Society

Posted on Thursday, November 5th, 2009


The Society Bar is the new addition to the hip and funky tapas cocktail bars in Cairns’ CBD. Housing 250 patrons, the lighting designed and installed by JVG Sound & Visual’s North QLD branch – was designed to create a mood change from lunch to after work drinks – to dinner and then late night club atmosphere with a DJ.

47 x Visio LED RGBW/W were installed around the room all controlled by a VPower 600 and E:Cue Butler. Visio Warm White Flexi Tape is used underneath the bar areas for a seamless glowing effect, completing the look.

“This is the first time I have used the new LED architectural range – Visio –  in a venue and I found it was ‘Excellent’ and was very impressed with it when comparing it to the normal LED lights we have previously used. With the Society Bar having a low ceiling, the Visio lighting fixtures created a great lighting show to make the whole room change colour for when the DJ starts playing”, says Scott Miller from JVG.

Everyone has been really impressed with the enhancement of the Society Bar, especially the venue’s owner, Myles Minter. Myles said that the lighting in the Venue was just what he was looking for in light output and especially cost. “Having to work with a light budget – the Visio range of LED fixtures was excellent”, says Scott.

“This Visio product for the price is excellent and I will be using this product definitely again in the future. The colours that it produces are just as good as other LED products on the market but certainly more affordable to a wider range of potential applications. Working with venues and managers that are always changing the rooms around, the Visio lighting range is the most adaptable product JVG uses at this time for architectural lighting effects”, says Scott.