John Butler Trio on the road with Phaseshift

Posted on Tuesday, September 28th, 2010


Phaseshift Productions has supplied the latest John Butler Trio tour – the April Uprising Tour – lit by Dave Jackson who describes John Butler as an interesting person to work with.

”He’s very particular but not particular!” he said. “He doesn’t like a lot of movement and he doesn’t like a lot of different colours. He likes deep, earthy colours such as reds, oranges, purples and blues. Heaven help you if you try to introduce magenta or pink! It can get quite hard to keep the lighting fresh for each song.”

To give himself more scope with the lighting, Dave decided to use some moving trusses and although they don’t move often they added a new element to the design.

”For example, John does an acoustic set where the trusses drop down behind the backline to create a bit of a sunrise look with the CS4’s that hang from them,” described Dave. “For Ocean, which is a really passionate song that builds, I had ACL’s on the floor that towards the end as the song built, rose up behind him. It was a nice little look and the moving trusses gave extra depth and angles to the show.”

Dave admits to not having used Studio Due CS4’s for quite a while and he comments that he really enjoyed rediscovering them. As well as the four CS4 units there were eighteen Martin MAC700 washes, seventeen MAC700 profiles, six JARAG’s, six profiles and a couple of Unique hazers in the rig.

Photos: Troy Constable