JARAG’s for GRB Lighting

Posted on Tuesday, September 14th, 2010

Greg Butts, managing director of GRB Lighting, had already decided he needed to purchase some JARAGs when Show Technology ran a promotion on these fabulous fixtures.

”I couldn’t believe my luck!” he announced. “This was the final convincer and a far too attractive offer not to take up! People were always asking for JARAGs so I purchased eight of them. They’ve really given us a point of difference and they are often requested. For me, they’re kind of a cheaper version of modern LED panels. They add a visual aspect without the huge expensive of erecting a 12m x 6m LED wall.”

Greg’s JARAG’s have been in high demand and have been very busy since their arrival in fact Greg hardly ever sees them in the factory!

Greg loves being able to pixel map his JARAGs which has added a whole new dimension to his light shows.

”They are really easy to use as far as the pattern and effects with the onboard factory built effects, and using them via pixel mapping opens up an endless way of achieving some awesome looks,” he said. “You can use black on white or reverse stuff and the patterns are amazing. They really do look cool when you pixel map them.”

Pictured are Greg’s JARAGs on the recent Karnivool tour lit by Jeb Bales who, according to Greg, absolutely loved them and did an amazing job at programming. Also in Jeb’s rig were Martim MAC250 Entours, MAC600 wash, Martin Atomic strobes and Kupo profiles.