JARAG’s shine in Godskitchen

Posted on Wednesday, August 18th, 2010


Frontier Lighting is the first production company in Perth to purchase JARAG Par30’s to offer their clientele something a little bit fancy.

“Not only will our twelve JARAG’s fill the gap in a touring production market that requests this fixture, it will also be another asset in Frontiers unique production designs,” remarked Daniel Hocking, Frontier’s Production Manager.

Daniel put the JARAG’s to impressive use on the recent Godskitchen Winter Edition 2010 dance party held at Metro City.

“Being a new product not seen in this market before the JARAGs went down really well at Godskitchen where they were situated above and below LED screens,” said Daniel. “I like being able to pixel map the JARAGs which is really easy to do. For Godskitchen I ran some patterns and effects through them occasionally using them to blind the crowd. I tried to not over use them which would be a mistake.

”The JARAGs are also great daylight eye candy so I used them on a new festival called On The Brightside. They were definitely the standout lighting fixture on the day. Hanging off the back truss the JARAGs gave the show the rock and roll feel it required. The punchy tungsten was hard to miss.”

With 1800 watts of tungsten power out of each unit, the Jarag PAR30s are the perfect contrasting compliment to Frontier’s ever expanding inventory of LED technology.