JARAG’s bring the Boiler Room to the boil!

Posted on Friday, February 26th, 2010


Every year the Boiler Room at the traveling circus that is the Big Day Out is a mass of seething bodies and pumping music. The light show is always a talked about event with Jamie Centofanti the man in charge and Chameleon Touring Systems supplying the lighting.

This years’ stage design was essentially four fingers, spreading from upstage centre out towards the room. An important feature of this stage design were the two large sequin walls consisting of over 38,000 silver 30mm sequins, acting as the backdrop for this stage, and also opening and closing vertically as a door to allow access for risers being prepared offstage. Onstage were twelve Martin MAC700 profiles that shone onto the sequin walls although it was the wind from a couple of DMX fans that set the sequin walls off the most, according to Jamie.

Also on stage were twelve of the newly acquired JARAG 5 fixtures which were flown. Twelve more JARAGs on verticals at the rear of the stage were added for the headlining act Groove Armada.

”Once you’ve worked the JARAGs out – bearing in mind there are only basic personality files available due to the fact they’re so new – they really are an amazing product,” said Jamie. “They completely change the way you work with tungsten, and blinder effects in your rig. I haven’t had a play yet with pixel mapping but the onboard effects are great; you’re running in a six-channel mode and the amount of stuff that is already pre-programmed into them is amazing.

”Using the JARAGs as blinders really reinvents the whole concept of blinders; you can play with the speed of them, the attack and decay, and there are several different types of cross-fades built in.”

Two MA Lighting grandMA consoles were used for control with an ArKaos Media Server providing the visuals.

The Boiler Room is essentially a tent tour; at the Gold Coast and Adelaide it is in an eight-pole circus tent, stretching out to a ten-pole tent in Melbourne. The Sydney Boiler Room is a series of halls 65m wide x 200m long.

In the tents there was a ceiling canopy made of white camouflage netting top-lit by eighteen Martin MAC2000 washes. To either side of the main dance floor area were a series of sub-hung frames, containing the room lighting system including thirty Martin MAC700 profiles, forty Martin Atomics, sixty-two DWE duets,

For the Sydney show the camouflage nets were hung vertically behind the sub-hung lighting system and rear-lit with eighty Pulsar ChromaBanks.

Photos: www.inthemix.com.au