Jands Vista provides remote control in New Zealand

Posted on Monday, July 14th, 2008

Oceania's VistaTrust those canny Kiwis to come up with an innovative way to use a Jands Vista! Nick Abel of Auckland-based Oceania Lighting, in conjunction with Auckland lighting install company Entertainment Lighting Solutions, had to install a medium-sized lighting rig into a nightclub venue in Taupo, a three hour drive away and he obviously needed lighting control that was reliable and not in need of constant twiddling. The venue did not have room for a bulky lighting console and so Nick had to come up with an original way to control the lighting. His solution lay with the Jands Vista software and M1 playback control surface. Designed to be used with a computer, the M1 gives you all the playback benefits of a Vista show in a compact and portable package that’s perfect for trade show booths, hotels, clubs or any venue where space is tight.

“The venue already had a computer system that controlled the Cloud Music Jukebox system and so I decided to install the Jands Vista software on the back of their system,” he explained. “We programmed it so that the DJ’s and operators could access the M1 to only control the lights without damaging the programming or deleting anything. Basically we can lock down what they have access to on the playback wing. It provides a fool-proof lighting system with the advantage of having a Jands Vista M1 controlling it.”

The advantage for Nick using the Cloud Music system is that they run their own virtual network throughout New Zealand so for projects like this, where the venue is a long way from their offices, Nick can go into Cloud’s Auckland office to dial in via their VPN to change any aspects of the lighting control.

The rig consisted of five moving heads, some scanners, LED pinspots, LED PARs plus a smoke and a haze machine.

“It’s not a huge rig but we really needed a decent control system that DJ’s could easily use,” commented Nick. “We’ve had a lot of positive feedback from the client but the great thing about the set up is that it’s tamper-proof and user-friendly.”

The collaboration with Cloud has proved so successful Entertainment Lighting Solutions is about to is just about to install a similar system into a venue at Wanaka, near Queenstown