Jands release new version of the classic Ezicom talkback

Posted on Wednesday, March 16th, 2011

Jands new Ezicom

The Jands Ezicom talkback system has been around in various versions for decades, although in recent years it’s been allowed to languish, unloved, in the back pages of the Jands catalogue. So it’s great to see that it’s finally been updated again for the next generation. Intended for use in all stage and theatre productions, the systems are targeted at  low and medium complexity systems and intended to be set up and operated by untrained users while still delivering a professional performance.

The system is comprised of the E101 single channel belt pack and the E401 4 channel master station. A communications system can use up to 20 remote E101 units across the 4 isolated outputs of the E401. Connection between the master station and the belt packs is via standard two core screened microphone cables.

The robust circuit design ensures high intelligibility and NO BUZZ! Audio levels remain constant when stations join or leave the line and the remote mic disable is an added bonus to help ensure everyone on the line doesn’t miss a cue.

A rugged design has been the hallmark of this product in the past and the new Ezicom system continues that tradition. The E101 was designed to take everyday bumps and bruises so it comes in an extruded aluminium chassis with high impact injection moulded end caps. Simpler operation of the E401 master station has been achieved by enlarging principle controls and backlighting them.