Jands New Modular Lighting Bar…The JLX-PRO

Posted on Monday, October 12th, 2009

From the point of view of operational safety, maintenance and cost, an automated lighting bar has an equally important place in a school hall as it does in a theatre.

Jands are excited to announce an addition to their lighting bar range, the JLX-PRO modular wired lighting bar.  The JLX-PRO comes in 3 different modular lengths, 2.35m, 3.5m, and 4.7m (equating to 1 module, 1.5 modules and 2 modules) making it easy for you to measure your area and ascertain what you need.  Each combination can also be fitted to suit a low, medium or high outlet density, easily matching your specific venue requirements.

Given the modular nature of this new product range, you can be assured that it is more cost effective than the JLX6 customised lighting bars, without losing any quality of build or engineering compliance for your safety.

The JLX -PRO has been designed to be flown and provide both fixture patching and hanging facilities. Designed for permanent installations this range of products provides the versatility and dependability to suit all types of applications. Available with or without AC power integrated into the bar, Jands lighting bars are an industry standard in Australia.

The JLX-PRO can carry distributed loads of (up to) 100kg/m and point loads of (up to) 100kg, depending on installation or rigging configurations.

Jands believe in your safety and complying with all relevant standards and legislations.  Naturally then, the Jands JLX-PRO is designed to comply with the electrical safety requirements of AS3100:2002 and is designed for use as a lifting beam to AS4991:2004. We strongly recommend that you ask about these safety legalities when searching for wired lighting bars in Australia.

Already using JLX-PRO wired lighting bars in their venues:

  • Sofitel Melbourne on Collins
  • Danebank Anglican School for Girls
  • Wollongong University


  • Proprietary extruded aluminium spine for strength (Registered Design No. 302249)
  • Durable construction & black low sheen finish.
  • Distributed Loads of (up to) 100kg/m & Point Loads of (up to) 100kg.
  • Three module lengths (2.35, 3.5 & 4.7m) and three outlet densities (low, medium & high) for simple user customised solutions from standard building blocks.
  • Kits for flying from ropes or chains, for suspending from battens and for fixed installations.
  • Industry standard Socapex cables, headers & tails.
  • 10A (standard) & 20A (optional) outlets available.
  • Compatible with Jands WM range of patch panels.
  • User configurable Extra Low Voltage compartment using Jands SB plates and universal inlet kit.