Jands HPC12 Dimmer Racks are a valuable learning tool for NIDA

Posted on Wednesday, November 7th, 2012

The National Institute of Dramatic Art has taken delivery of Jands HPC12 dimmer racks to be utilised in their new atrium performance space.

“We needed dimmers that had a “rock and roll” approach to allow for quick and easy setups,” explained Adrian Wright, Lighting Supervisor at NIDA. “This is especially good as a learning tool for our students as they also get an understanding of the use of the Jands Power Distribution System and mains cables.”

The HPC12 continues the Jands tradition of building rugged and reliable dimmers and provides an innovative solution for all dimming and power control needs. With AirGap™ technology, it integrates both dimming and high current full-on and full-off contactor type elements on each channel to deliver true, any load performance.

“Having already purchased the HPX dimmers for one of our larger venues, the purchase of the HPC dimmer racks were a very good choice on value for money, the ease of operation and most importantly the reliability,” added Adrian.

Whilst Adrian admits that he has only used the HPC dimmers once as a true distribution system for moving light fixtures, he was very impressed at how easy it was to switch them.

The HPC12 provides all the features you expect from a top end product. Current control algorithms reduce the instance of circuit breaker drop out due to cold lamp inrush, while dual speed controlled fans, extremely high performance mains filtering and a soft over-temperature cut-out ensure maximum duty cycle and performance.