James Thomas Engineering Launch X Truss

Posted on Thursday, February 10th, 2011

James Thomas Engineering Ltd has launched X Truss — billed as the truss that “will not only save at least 60% of space and cost, but will save the earth.”

X Truss was designed in direct response to the call to create more carbon-neutral products. The new truss technology ticks that box in a way no other folding truss can, the company says, but also retains the strength and versatility of 52cm SuperTruss.

X Truss is fully compatible with 52cm SuperTruss and uses the same overall sizes and connection methods of the existing technology. This means all existing 52cm SuperTruss gates, plates and corners are compatible with X Truss; X Truss can be mixed in the same system as 52cm SuperTruss (excluding within the same span); and X Truss can be used with existing ground support towers and sleeve assemblies.

X Truss is easy to assemble, the company says, adding that it replicates the SuperTruss style of corner. Paul Young, general manager of James Thomas, explained, “We have focused all our R&D energies into a system worthy of the James Thomas name — and X Truss has surpassed expectations. It’s designed with the concerns of our customers in mind and the quality considerations that set all our products apart from the competition.”

Australian distributor: Clearlight Shows www.clearlight.com.au