Jam Gallery: Sydney’s newest live venue counts on Show Technology

Posted on Tuesday, December 3rd, 2013

Jam Gallery is a multi-purpose music venue, gallery space, bar and eatery breathing new life into Sydney’s Eastern Suburbs. It’s a custom-built venue that can fit 400 people, boasts three separate bars and is designed to foster the local and international music scene.

The stage lighting system, remarkable for this size venue, was designed and supplied by Show Technology and installed by Everingham Audio.

“The owners wanted a light show that would suit the various applications whilst also raising the benchmark for other similar size live venues,” explained Luke Everingham, managing director of Everingham Audio.

The main stage can either have a brick wall as its backdrop or a lush velvet curtain. The pelmet conceals a continuous length of Pro Shop LED strips which bathe either backdrop in an infinite amount of colour combinations or effects such as chasing or flashing. Traditional back lighting includes five Pro Shop Blinder Bars and five LED PixPad Tri-4.

Stage front lighting is done by twelve LED PixPAR Quad 7’s, two Terbly QUAD 19 moving head washes and five Terbly LS60 LED spots.

“The Terbly fixtures have performed fantastically,” commented Luke. “We use the Terbly QUAD 19’s for follow spots, effect lighting, night club lighting, front wash and colour. It has an adjustable beam which most moving head LED lights do not have which makes it very versatile. The Terbly LS60 LED spots can be focused on the stage or used on the dance floor.”

Stage two has four LED Pixband Quad 6 bars and one of the Terbly LS60 LED spots can also be applied to it.

A selection of nightclub effects from Pro Shop are used on the dance floor; two Super Flowers, two LED Water Effects and two LED Shimmers. Atmospherics are supplied by a JEM K1 Hazer.

Both an industry standard Martin LightJockey control system and a MPC Control are installed, with users able to easily switch from one protocol to the other.

“They seem to be the two most popular protocols at the moment so rather than be stuck we one or the other, we decided to provide both,” said Luke. “We have an ELC AC612 wall mounted controller for Stage three and the house lights. Stage three has five Pro Shop LED PAR cans as well as four LED strips.

Thirty meters of warm white LED Tape is used to uplight bar shelves and the bottles on them, as well as underneath the bar top to wash down the bar facade. For those subtle and elegant lighting applications where a white finish to coves and pelmets is desired, for this the white and warm White LED Tape is a perfect finish.