It’s Vari-Lites all the way for Celine Dion

Posted on Friday, July 4th, 2008

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Celine Dion thrilled capacity crowds in her first Australian tour in more than 10 years, showing the irrepressible energy and powerful voice that shot her to global notice.

Her ‘Taking Chances’ tour, which started in South Africa and will travel the rest of the world, was lit by her long-time designer Yves Aucion, a self-confessed fan of Vari-Lites.

“Vari-Lites have always been my favourite lights,” remarked Yves. “It has been a long story between them and me. I’m constantly checking other lighting fixtures and I’m really up to date with what is out there, but once again I’ve decided to go with Vari-Lites as I really like the VL3000 series and the VL500 series.”

One of the primary reasons why Yves always opts for Vari-Lites is the colour white that they offer, a shade of white that Yves describes as superior to those offered by other lighting brands.

“I always start with the colour white so it’s very important for me,” he stated. “I’ve always said that the movement of the Vari-Lite is far sexier than any other fixture even the big VL3500 wash, which moves a little slower, still has a sexier move. I’m really impressed by the VL3500 wash – it’s amazingly powerful for its size and I like the ability to change the lens inside of it.”

Having been on the road for twenty years, Yves is very grateful for the support he has always received from Vari-Lite.

“They have always offered super technical support and really look after their clients”, he said.

The Australian production featured a standard rock’n’roll rig with two U-shaped truss and a mixed match of Vari-Lite spots and washes. In total there were 110 Vari-Lites including VL3000 spots, VL2500 spots and VL3500 washes. The rest of the world tour will see the show performed in the round.

“The design is fairly standard because every country that we visit I have to reproduce the same look with different vendors and suppliers,” said Yves. “That’s why I’ve opted for something quite simple. Sometimes I’m going to a country for just two shows and I don’t always have the luxury of Vari-Lites.”

Bytecraft Entertainment was the Australian production company.

Photos: Bob King