It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas……..

Posted on Monday, December 19th, 2011

This December Warner Bros. Movie World has been transformed into a Christmas wonderland featuring an amazing array of family entertainment for nine magical night time events.

Movie World’s White Christmas events feature loads of family entertainment including a spectacular display of one million twinkling lights in the park’s expansive Main Street. There is also a fun filled Looney Tunes ‘Kwazy Christmas’ live show to entertain the little ones as well as Christmas Carollers, a special Polar Express 4-D experience and of course Santa Claus.

The highlight of the nights is a dazzling evening Christmas Parade full of colour and light, all under a glistening white snowy sky.

Lighting designer Clint Dulieu describes the install as very low tech but big scale.

“It’s all 12 volt bud and rope light sourced from Show Technology,” he said. “We have kilometres and kilometres of it! Last Christmas was the first time that Movie World had staged a Christmas event such as this and this year we’ve added even more. We’ve had Darren McLanders from Show Technology work on some custom gear which matches the other lighting so they blend seamlessly. There has been a team of extremely dedicated crew over at the park working long into the night for months now on the install and the results speak for themselves.”

While last year was a huge success, this year the CEO of Movie World wanted the lighting to be turned into more of a lighting spectacular set to music with custom control using DMX. An MA Lighting PC system with a 2 port node was chosen using a MIDI interface to feed timecode to it.

“It’s only running about fifty channels of DMX but to be able to speed up the programming the MA has been great,” remarked Clint. “Movie World already has an existing console to run the moving lights in the street but they are all off the same DMX stream so we use the ELC node to merge the data.”

Clint did all of his programming off site on the MA2 console he has at the Outback Spectacular easily plugging the results into the MA PC system with no problems.

“With the pressure of the physical install of the lighting there really wasn’t any time to tie up the street for hours on end programming. Being able to do everything off site has really simplified the whole process.

“The layout views in the MA software have been great for that as I have been able to set up a dedicated user interface on a touch screen so the techs don’t have to know how to program an MA – they just know how to get more lights on and run timecode shows etc. It’s been seamless and has worked really well. You plug it in, feed timecode in and it runs.”