It’s all systems go at Frontier

Posted on Wednesday, November 11th, 2009


Perth’s Frontier Lighting continue to extend their hire inventory with the purchase of Pro Shop LED Strips (they now own fifty), eight Martin MAC700 wash, eight MAC700 spot and eight MAC250 Entours. Frontier has also taken a couple of Robert Juliet Aramis follow spots.

As shown the in the photos, the LED Strips were put to good use at the recent Club Marine Perth Boat Show. Frontier Lighting was contacted by Seadoo Jet Ski’s to present an impact statement to their stand showcasing the latest Seadoo GTX IS and RXT IS Jetski’s.

Frontier provided megadeck staging systems with Pro Shop LED Strips underneath to make the surrounding area glow. Some HO Multipars were also used to light the stand and LED tubes were added for some eye candy. Frontier’s giant 2.3m mirror ball gave the stand a spectacular centre piece.

”The Pro Shop LED Strips are a very popular item and people love them on events,” said Jared Hawke, managing director of Frontier Lighting. “We purchased more MAC700’s to meet the demand there is for them. We needed to increase our numbers as we’re seeing a lot more designs coming through where they want twenty-four of each fixture.

”Our Aramis follow spots have been very busy doing shows like The Black Eyed Peas, Beyonce and Il Divo. In fact we’re about to get a couple more Aramis follow spots – they’re just such a well made and designed follow spot that puts out a lot of light. Everyone likes them.”