It’s 1927 and the 1960’s for Entertainment Installations

Posted on Tuesday, December 7th, 2010


It’s a busy time of year for production companies nationwide with many acts touring and Christmas festivities in full swing. Entertainment Installations are no exception with gear leaving the factory faster than a speeding bullet.

One recent gig was ‘Experience – The Jimi Hendrix Tribute’held at Sydney’s Enmore Theare – a massive tribute to Jimi Hendrix featuring a killer bass / drum combo and lots of Australia’s best guitarists (Pete Northcote, Nathan Camalliri, Dave Leslie, Grant Warmsley, Chris Camzellis, Kevin Borich and more).

Entertainment Installations supplied a full lighting rig consisting of 4 x Studio Due CS4, 2 x Martin MAC700 Profile, 6 x Martin MAC 301, 6 x Martin TW1 wash, 3 x 8 Liters, 6 x Martin MAC250 Beam and 3 x Martin Atomics plus colours.

The client wanted lots of beam effects and some projection onto the rear cyc so the CS4’s and MAC250 beams were the perfect solution,” commented Neale Mace, managing director of Entertainment Installations. “Not only did we give them lots of beams, but movement as well.”

Two of the Studio Due CS4 moving multi-par fixtures on dropper bars gave another dimension to the rig whilst the two MAC700 profiles were on the front truss and did a great job of moving effects on the cyc to give that psychedelic feel.

Another great looking show at The Enmore supplied by  Entertainment Installations was a sold-out showcase gig for 1927. Bryce Mace designed and operated this gig and by alla ccounts it was a cracker with the crowd going off.

The rig consisted of 8 x Martin MAC700 Profile, 4 x MartinMAC700 wash, 8 x Martin TW1, 4 x 8 way Liters, 8 x Martin LC Panels, and Arkaos Media Server and a MA2 Lite for control.

It was a nice multi-layered rig with the dropper bars allowing some interesting looks,” said Neale. “From dark and moody to bright and full of movement – this gig had it all. The media for the panels came from us and the band.”