Irradiant Announces Lumens Breakthrough in Chip-On-Board Solid-State Lighting

Posted on Friday, June 20th, 2008

Irradiant Inc. a division of Neo-Neon, announces a breakthrough in the development of core LED technologies relative to solid-state lighting (SSL).

In January, the company completed testing of its new 100W COB (Chip-On-Board) LED module. The company says that testing results have proven conclusively that the new 100w COB White LED reaches new heights in lumens efficiency. The 100W unit is already in use in the Revo, a moving unit from Neo-Neon.

The success of the product, the company says, stems from the structural design, the combination of a 10 x 8 array of 80pcs of LED chips. The array produces an output of 5,500 lumens from an emitting area of just 1.9cm2. By using silver epoxy, the heat dissipation can be solved quickly, providing a powerful point source that can be easily manipulated optically to provide a range of lighting solutions.

Irradiant Inc. intends to deploy this new technology on a new range of products, opening up new markets for the application of LED as a replacement to high energy consuming incandescent and discharge lamps.

Source Lighting & Sound America