IPS is loving the new MA software

Posted on Friday, September 30th, 2011

Jeremy Koch, director of Innovative Production Services, is proud of the fact that he was the first Australian to purchase the MA Lighting grandMA2 ultra-light almost two years ago.

“Obviously when the product was first released there was a bit of an element of risk in jumping on the boat so early,” commented Jeremy. “However everyone knew the MA2 was going to be a serious console and certainly the console of the future. We wanted a console that would be a long term investment which we believed the MA2 would be.”

Since that initial purchase Jeremy and his crew have been nothing but thrilled with their MA2 console with Jeremy describing it as by far the best lighting console he has ever used.

“There are just so many intuitive things in the way you can operate the console, how it behaves and how easy it is to manipulate fixtures and effects,” he said. “It gives you the ability to customize how the console operates so you can customize it to your operating style. One of the other features it has over any other console is that everything on the console can be adjusted via the command line; the possibilities of making a cue execute commands, as opposed to even doing what a cue would normally do is almost infinite.”

Earlier this month MA Lighting released its latest software release, 2.0, which adds a multitude of new functionality, such as layout pool and layout view, MAtricks, auto create, NDP integration, advanced tracking sheet options, “fast call”, dynamic channel faders and much more. Jeremy was one of the first to download the software in eager anticipation and as usual, he took an active role in reporting his views on the console to MA Lighting and also Show Technology’s guru Vince Haddad.

The fact that MA Lighting actively encourages users to supply feedback and even more importantly, listen to their customers is, according to Jeremy, one of their main advantages over competitors.

“In the last twelve months the console has had some really amazing new features added that have made a big difference in the way that it operates,” he said. “I particularly like the effects engine change and also the preview functionality.”

Jeremy and the IPS guys are so happy with their MA2 they are now looking at buying another.