iPhone Lighting Calculators Announced

Posted on Wednesday, August 27th, 2008

West Side Systems announces the immediate availability of three calculator apps for the iPhone and iPod touch.

DMXCalc converts DMX universe/address values to absolute DMX, or the reverse. A configurable dip switch display shows switch positions for the current address. When calculating addresses for a sequence of moving lights, the DMX address can be incremented or decremented by a user-defined amount with one button-touch.

PowerCalc calculates lighting or electric motor loads on single or multiple phases at any voltage. It can do simple watts-volts-amps calculations, balance loads across two or three phases, or use a power factor value to calculate inductive current loads.

BeamCalc calculates multiple factors related to light beam geometry. Height and base distances between the fixture and the focus point can be entered to find the throw and elevation angle. Entering a beam angle then calculates the resulting pool width, while entering a pool width calculates the required beam angle. BeamCalc will help to quickly evaluate equipment choices for any situation.

All three applications are available worldwide through Apple’s online app store, and all require an iPhone or iPod touch with version 2.0 or later software update. Further information is available the website listed below.

Source Lighting & Sound America Online www.lightingandsoundamerica.com