INXS rock A Day on the Green with Phaseshift Productions

Posted on Thursday, March 17th, 2011


With the franchise now over 10 years old, A Day on the Green is becoming one of Australia’s best known festivals. Based on the simple formula of bringing experienced bands to picturesque wineries, this year saw Australian rock legends INXS and US pop masters Train, as well as The Baby Animals and Sean Kelly (from Models), rock out to a crowd of thousands at Bimbadgen Estate in the Hunter Valley.

Sean ‘Motley’ Hackett was at the helm of the MA grandMA for INXS with a lighting show designed specifically for the festival’s dome-shaped stage.

“The overall look of the show was designed around the domed roof,” explained Motley. “Our lighting trusses are hinged so they can follow the contour of the roof although the rear truss is straight so that twelve Martin LC Panels can sit straight,” The LC panels were ideal for this set up because they are so light and the dome limits how much weight you can hang. Also, I like the fact that the LED panels are in strips so that the wind will go straight through them – an important factor with an outdoor show. They’re also very easy to hang and use plus they are very bright so they cut right through the sunset.”

Moving lights consisted of sixteen Martin MAC2000 Profiles and twenty-three Martin MAC2000 Washes. Added to that were four Martin Atomic Strobes, seven 2k Fresnel on Manfrotto with wheels, eight Lekos, twenty-four Par64 ACL, eight Nook lite, eight 20’ Festoon Strings, thirteen 4lite DWE and five Jarags.

“It’s a classic INXS show but taking it into the present,” said Motley. “I don’t try to turn them into some modern day dance band or anything like that – there are still certain cues that go back to the days of Leroy Bennett – but every year I push it a bit further. This year I introduced the Martin LC Panels and Jarags. With INXS you can do anything with as there songs go from subtle ballads to full on rock songs.”

Whilst the MAC’s provide colour and movement, Motley has included a few different styles of light for his all-important white light looks. On the back truss is a classic par can white beam light curtain. Strung between trusses are festoon strings that can glow like stars or flash in a party manner. On floor stands behind the band are a row of TV lights to make a big flood silhouette of the stage.

“Between each strip of LC Panels I’ve hung a Jarag that can run in many sequences,” said Motley. “To me, the Jarags are just like a really cool molefay. You can make different patterns out of them and they are very bright when you bring them on. Below each one of these is a MAC2000 Profile at different height to follow the curve of the roof.”

Around the floor Motley uses white foot lights to up light everyone during the white light moments plus each person on stage has their own white Leko spot light from the front truss.

Motley happily admits to being totally in love with the grandMA which has been his console of choice for the past five years.

Phaseshift Productions supplied the lighting and crew and Motley reports that they looked after him and the gear very well.

“They came in with the right price and the right attitude plus they’ve always done A Day on the Green so it worked out really well,” commented Motley.

Photos: Troy Constable