Introducing Event Services

Posted on Monday, May 23rd, 2011

Whilst ‘Event Services’ is one of Australia’s newest event production and technical support companies, they have an impressive and diverse 35-year professional live production pedigree spanning industrial theatre, corporate functions, cultural celebrations, event spectaculars, conferences and many entertainment milestones.

Event Services confidently promise to deliver every discerning event manager, creative producer and PCO with seamless creative, audiovisual and staging for your clients and audiences at every live presentation, from small business seminars through to major public events.

“Having been a part of this fascinating and inspirational industry for over 3 decades” Colin Baldwin explains “I have seen how creativity constantly drives technical innovation. As a result of this, integrating new technologies can challenge event producers and PCO’s who are striving to maximize their production values. This is as true today as it was the day I secured my first lighting gig and has remained fundamental throughout the period we built the Showcorp Group into one of Australia’s premier specialist production companies”.

Following the sale of Showcorp to The Videoplus Group in 2008, Colin became increasingly disenchanted with the group’s direction. Fiona Baldwin’s encouragement motivated his decision to regain his independence and start a new venture. The Baldwin’s have returned to what they enjoy most.

“Event Services’ has been structured to liberate those within the industry whose creative and production values have been stifled by the widespread commodity based approach of many existing audiovisual suppliers” stressed Colin Baldwin“. We have sourced and invested in a select range of professional audiovisual and staging elements that compliment one another and equip our hand picked team with AV and production solutions that ensure they can always perform and achieve their best.”

During 2010 Colin accepted a variety of high profile international commissions, most notably the Marina Bay Sands Casino opening spectacular in Singapore for Laservision. Unable to take on local projects at home due to contractual obligations, Colin travelled extensively to further his passion for emerging sound, staging and lighting technologies. An invaluable process to seek out the ‘latest and greatest’ technical innovations the entertainment world had on offer.

“From the outset we have applied a prudent selective process that we believe every new venture should undertake”, Colin continues, “ This was achieved by identifying two key success criteria.  Firstly, that Event Services must be equipped with the very latest in technology to ensure the creative production needs of the most adventurous and discerning event producers can be met.  Secondly, ensure that all our assets are meticulously maintained to enhance outcomes rather than prejudice them because of outdated and inappropriate equipment or technology.

Colin understands event professionals pursuit of the illusive “wow-factor’ and of their necessity to maximise the ‘bang for your buck’ element. Event Services’ comprehensive inventory and technical expertise will ensure your production achieves that indefinable production edge that is often so elusive.

Professionally managed events demand good teamwork that seamlessly merges the creative with strong technical skills. Event Services employ tried and tested strategies honed and perfected over 35 years in live production that leave nothing to chance. Whilst industry dry hire requirements are accommodated, Event Services can offer additional benefits by involving their professional consultants and crew. Employing an experienced and specialised team of technicians familiar with one another and fully trained on the actual technical production kit you intend to use, will provide you with peace of mind and also contribute greatly to the success of your event.

The names and faces in Event Services’ crews will be well known to discerning production management, event producers and PCO’s across Australia. They represent the cream of the industry and optimize the same highly selective process that Event Services employed when choosing the AV equipment they incorporate into their productions.

Event Services will be a valuable resource during your critical pre-production and planning stages by providing you with practical assistance for your event’s design, venue logistics, scheduling, critical path and even entertainment. This sets Event Services apart from conventional commodity only AV suppliers.