Innovative Production Services look to the future with AirScan

Posted on Wednesday, August 21st, 2013

coolux_airscan3Jeremy Koch, managing director of Innovative Production Services, admits that he has had his eye on purchasing a coolux AirScan system for a while now.

“From the moment I saw the concept I knew it was something we would want to own and be able to offer but we had to wait for the right time,” he revealed. “Earlier this year I did coolux training in Germany and one of the courses that I did was on AirScan. Once I further understood the benefits of the product and what it could do, it became far clearer that we needed to own this product.”

The coolux AirScan system combined with the Widget Designer PRO allows for touch free interactivity. They offer the opportunity to interact with digital content in ways not possible with traditional displays. The AirScan control interfaces allow for custom design and integration of interactive displays that let users navigate menu based multimedia presentations in any environment.

As part of a Pandoras Box Playback solution, full HD video presentations can be controlled from any distance and projected onto any sized screen with no mouse or pointing device required.

“It’s a point of difference for us,” Jeremy commented. “It’s a piece of technology that requires intense creative ability to execute it well and there’s a fair bit of technology required in making it work, but that’s one of the big strengths of our company.

“When people see that any surface can be transformed into a giant interactive touchscreen, they’re always blown away.  It allows the most basic content to become interactive.”

IPS is confident that AirScan will allow them to offer their clients a new dimension in interactive multimedia display and presentation solutions.

“It will be ideal for any clients that want a wow factor and something new, as it hasn’t really been seen in Australia,” commented Jeremy. “Later in the year I am planning to use it on a project incorporating a four sided projection screen; back of stage, two side walls and the floor. We plan to use AirScan on the floor so we can have video track where the performers are.”


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