Innovative Production Services expand with Martin MAC TW1 wash lights

Posted on Tuesday, March 22nd, 2011

Innovative Production Services has added eight Martin MAC TW1 powerful, silent tungsten wash lights to their extensive hire stock.

“With the huge popularity in LED fixtures, stages are all too often lit with just LED’s,” began Brendan Sadgrove, Innovative Production Services’ director. “However, the TW1’s warm colour temperature and even wash are by far the best way to light people on stage. The warm colours that only tungsten lights can produce are great for skin tones and that is why they are so popular for TV and theatre.” 

The MAC TW1 features a clean and even soft-edged beam, motorized zoom, rich CMY colour mixing and can be run from either a built-in dimmer or external dimmer.

“The fixture’s ability to stabilize the colour temperature by means of the mechanical dimmer is a great benefit as well,” added Brendan. “Using the internal dimmer, it is also good to know that the lamp is not cooking the insides of the light all day as with discharge lamps which need to be struck and left on. I would presume that there are also big power saving and lamp life advantages.”

Innovative Production Services has also added more Martin MAC700’s, MAC250 Entours and MAC301’s into their lighting inventory, along with coolux Media Servers and manager.