Innovative keep innovative with Martin

Posted on Friday, June 6th, 2008

Innovative Production Services has increased its inventory with some innovative products; four Martin MAC TW1, four MAC700 profiles, four MAC250 Entours and eight Martin Stagebar 54Ls.

Jeremy Koch, Innovatives’ managing director has a strong theatrical background as does one of his lighting employees Alex Grierson and so they were both drawn to the TW1.

“Alex has a lot of passion and theatricality in his design and we were looking for something new and different for him,” commented Jeremy. “We needed a product that was not only cost-effective and lightweight, but also it needed to have a certain level of market acceptance. This was our first major moving light purchase and we needed to be confident that our first step into the market was going to be a good decision and have a positive return on investment.

“We found the TW1’s to be nothing short of amazing. We lit a gig at the Hordern Pavilion and the front wash of the entire stage was done by just four MAC TW1 fixtures. They’re extremely bright, extremely quiet – in fact they’re awesome!”

Innovative recently took advantage of one of Show Technology’s fabulous deals – Buy a MAC700 profile and get a MAC250 Entour for free! This deal came at exactly the right time for Innovative who required a fixture that was small and light for their smaller jobs but at the same time, as they are doing so many larger jobs these days, a light that would satisfy the requirements of these larger shows and the MAC250 Entours were just not bright enough.

“We couldn’t find one light that was ticking all of these boxes but once this deal came up we saw it as a great opportunity!” he said. “The MAC700’s satisfy are larger jobs whilst the MAC250 Entours are deal for the smaller productions. Both lights are fabulous and ideal for their required applications.”

Jeremy continued spending with the purchase of eight Martin Stagebar 54L LED luminaires to initially meet his needs for some ‘eye candy’ that was too expensive.

“The colours that come out of the Stagebars are just stunning,” he said. “The white and the amber LEDs make such a difference. Once we started to use the Stagebars properly I realised that they weren’t just eye candy and that you could quite satisfactorily light a stage with them, from a performance perspective. I think they’re really the first LED product on the market that allows you to use it as a light rather than just an effect”.