Illumination Physics releases Bar Pro Rectilinear

Posted on Thursday, October 27th, 2011

A new addition has been made to the Illumination Physics Bar Pro range of linear direct view LED products. Developed and implemented for the façade of the Landmark China Resources Building in Hong Kong, the unique rectangular shape of Illumination Physics’ Bar Pro Rectilinear has been developed to suit applications where the physical appearance of the LED Bar must conform to a more planar appearance:

“The semi-square profile suits certain architectural applications better than a round profile LED BAR,” says the company. “The unique linear end cap design means that there is no change in profile as one Bar Pro Rectilinear is butted up to the next. This is because the bonding surface of the end cap is inside the profile of the Bar Pro Rectilinear and the transition from one section of Bar Pro Rectilinear to the next is perfectly smooth.”