Illumination Physics Presents ‘Tiffany’s at Collins Street Melbourne’

Posted on Monday, August 13th, 2012

Increasingly elaborate technical designs are being employed to provide enticing facades for high end retail brands. Tiffany & Co. are one of the trendsetters and each new or refurbished Tiffany store will have a highly distinctive glass façade which will be illuminated.

Illumination Physics was selected to provide the LED lighting solution for Tiffany’s flagship store in Melbourne. The project was complicated by the extremely limited space and the need to develop a completely new luminaire.

The distinctive ‘Wheat sheaf’ cast glass would be illuminated on its edges by a hidden linear fixture that made use of the latest generation of multi-colour 4-in-1 high powered LED chips.

The result is a powerful and distinctive façade that enlivens Collins Street with a variety of colours including the famous ‘Tiffany Blue’.