Illuminate – a Super Slim High Performance Integrated LED Panel Light

Posted on Monday, August 13th, 2012

Hotbeam has  released the Illuminate Panel IP600. The Illuminate IP600 is a high performance LED flat panel designed to be used in drop ceilings. It can be used to replace 600mm x 600mm fluorescent light fittings. It features great energy efficiency, cool operating temperature and a smooth even light, making it suitable for applications in offices, retail, schools, hospital and medical facilities.

The Illuminate Panel is dimmable via DALI, DMX, IR and PLC dimming. The longevity of the panel is achieved with the use of a proprietary driver design that does not use electrolytic capacitors. The technical design offers a long life span, high lumens output and low maintenance, with no hazardous materials.

The panel is very easy to install. It is super thin at 25mm thick with and integrated driver. With its thin white frame, ultra slim dimensions and light weight, the Illuminate Panel is ideal wherever an unobtrusive panel light is required.