Illawarra Production Services ring in the New Year with their new Fusion Bars

Posted on Friday, January 28th, 2011


More that four thousand patrons enjoyed themselves at the North Wollongong Hotel on New Years Eve, with an Illawarra Production Services team providing sound and lighting systems as well as logistics support for the Hotel.

Senior Lighting Designer Tobi Pinazza was able to use the latest technology at the gig in the form of IPS’ new high output Pro Shop LED Fusion Bars from Show Technology.

“We had been looking around for such a fixture for a while as we felt that we needed some eye candy in our lighting inventory,” explained Michael Schafe, managing director at IPS. “The Fusion Bar looked like a great product, especially for the price, so we purchased sixteen.”

Like the name suggests the colour mixing is fused into each lens by way of the special Tri-Colour LED’s thus eliminating the usual chromatic shadowing and ensuring a even spread of colour upon the illuminated surface. Colour outputs are super bright and highly saturated and make the Fusion Bar ideal for lighting cyc curtains or walls.

”The colours are amazing,” said Michael. “They have great saturated colours which is impressive out of an LED fitting. They’re also damn bright! In fact they are incredibly bright considering how small the unit is and how little power they draw.”

On New Years Eve, Tobi used the pixel mapping component of a Martin LightJockey – slaved to his grandMA console – to produce visualizations. Sixty DMX channels per unit enables successful pixel mapping.

“We set up a rear wall with the Fusion Bars and used pixel mapping in them and it looked very impressive,” commented Michael. “Because of the speed of the on/off of the LED the transformation of the ‘backdrop’ is incredibly fast. You can rainbow chase them or have a line or two run from one side of the stage to the other and back again in extremely quick time. They can also do a ‘snowflake’ effect which looks really cool.”

Michael has discovered that the Fusion bars are very quick to rig meaning a quicker install time. He also notes that as they draw very little power, you can use significantly more than a multiPAR solution. Their sturdiness and thus longevity also attracted his attention.

“We have received great response from the shows we have used the Fusion Bars on so far and we’ll certainly be buying some more,” concluded Michael.