Illawarra Production Services invests in ShowPro

Posted on Friday, April 7th, 2017

Illawarra Production Services were recently looking for something that could provide some real impact on festival stages – even during daylight. They decided upon the ShowPro PixPad which provides a very professional level of features whilst still remaining affordable, portable, lightweight and extremely useful.

“We’ve been really happy with their output and they provide something different to the more common ‘can’ or ‘strip’ style LED fixture,” commented Jon Bracht of IPS. “They also have a really nice build quality being easy to rig individually or locked together, and with the Powercon loop through they are just quick, easy and effective.”

With individual control of each RGB pixel, when placed together in quantities, allows users to even scroll text and advanced colour chases. However there is also a large number of on-board programs which can run in stand-alone mode to ensure a simple and quick set up when required.

Jon also decided to purchase a quantity of ShowPro LED PAR Hex-18 IP65 saying that they have proved to be a great multi-purpose fixture.

“Being RGBAWUV, we’ve been able to use them for UV washes, for white front washes where power is really limited, but then they have great colour saturation that punches through on a larger stage as well,” he added. “With the IP65 rating it gives us an easy option for lighting up large outdoor spaces, or Wollongong’s lighthouses for example.”