i-Pix Launches New M25 Pixel Matrix Fixture

Posted on Wednesday, March 21st, 2012

i-Pix launches the first in a new line of LED pixel matrix fixtures — the Matrix 25 (M25) — a 5×5 LED unit that delivers punch with a dynamic “daylight visible” array of colors and multiple other features, the company says.

The i-Pix Matrix 25 can be used as a low-resolution video wall or become a map-able array of LEDs in a wash device that is capable of arena scale illumination.

It utilizes homogenized eight degree optics spaced at 150mm/6” centers, coupled to 25 super-bright 40W RGB and daylight white light engines. It is also flexible enough to be used as a smooth wash light source, the company says.

The i-Pix M25 is feature-packed and includes a dimmer response / curve, with an eight-bit feed input re-scaled to 32-bit internally. Tungsten behavior can also be emulated. And a strobe patterns can be created on the M25.

A series of internal patterns and chases offer flexibility, and RDM is enabled on the fixture for the remote setup of all its operating modes, DMX addresses, and fixture feedback facilities.

Onboard Ethernet input reflects the growing everyday use of protocols like ArtNet and the integration of complex digital lightsources into large control networks.

The LEDs used on the M25 can also be matched to the appearance of older LED fixtures.

The fully weatherproofed design can withstand a serious bout of weather from festivals or outdoor shows. As with all i-Pix products, the company says the fixtures are engineered to the demanding environments of touring and live events.

The five vertical battens in the M25 can be pivoted for wider beam dispersion if needed, and they also slide backwards and forwards for convex or concave positioning. Rigging the fixture is easy with quarter turn connections. A carefully designed range of rigging options assist easier floor mounting, side mounting, or vertically rigged.

Multiple M25 fixtures can also be rigged to resemble an LED mesh surface.

The beam angle can also be adjusted from its native eight degree to wider conical or elongated beam options using clip-on holographic beam shaping caps.

Using digital color mixing technology, the M25 offers both video and lighting designers great flexibility and creativity.