i-Pix at PLASA 2011

Posted on Tuesday, September 13th, 2011

Specialist UK-based entertainment industry LED manufacturer i-Pix launches two new products at PLASA 2011 – today through September 14, Earls Court, London — and previews upgraded and improved versions of two of its other most popular existing product lines on the stand of its UK distributor White Light 2-Q13/2-Q18.

The Satellite was the first i-Pix product designed and produced after the company’s launch in 2006. Designed for stage and theatrical applications where space is a premium, the Satellite brick can be concealed nooks and crannies of all descriptions, in stage sets, under risers, in trussing, etc.

At PLASA, the Satellite Mk II is launched. It is still in the same compact package yet has four times the light output. Colors include RGB and 5,600-degree K daylight white. There are also improved homogenized optics, the company says.

The Satellite Mk II offers 16 bit self-contained DMX for control or it can be run as a stand-alone device via battery input. It also has built-in wireless DMX and battery outputs.

It’s now available with a variety of chassis colors, including stainless steel and anodized silver, and with quick rig mounts for fitting on to Omega brackets.

Each Satellite Mk II fixture can be run in two square cells of RGBW or as a rectangle; multiple units can be interlinked to create eye-catching linear forms with the square pixel format selected.

An optional beam shaping film clips onto the front of the fixture, and optional yokes are available for linear interlinking.

Developed alongside the Satellite Mk II, the Satellite battery pack transforms the new Satellite fixture into a freestanding, focusable, portable RGBW illuminative device, complete with stand-alone or wireless DMX playback options.

This makes Satellite Mk II suitable for many types of events, including those outdoor areas, gardens, galleries, historic buildings, places challenged for space and convenient hard power or anywhere that benefits from the neatness and practicality of wireless control

The battery pack will run for a minimum of 14 hours with two of the fixtures’ four channels at full intensity at any one time.

A handy six way flightcase with an inbuilt battery charging function is being previewed, offering the ability for Satellite Mk II fixtures to be programmed whilst in the case. In addition to the charging section, a rigging and cable management area caters for the fixtures whether they are positioned on the deck or rigged in the air.

It is designed as a self-contained system when wired to local mains, or can share wireless DMX via the inbuilt mains supply or the external battery pack, which fixes elegantly on to the new Satellite Mk II fixture.

The case can also be hard wired via standard DMX — for quick and simple pre programming of fixtures whilst still cased.

The new Beamlight offers a new high-brightness low-power alternative to the classic rock ‘n’ roll ACL strings, the company says. It is sold as a four or six lamp classic- style bar, and features a 40W RGB and daylight white light engine with superior homogenized optical design, a novel heat management system, and a distinctive appearance.

It is IP-65 rated for exterior use and utilizes focusing optics with a range of +35 degrees to -35 degrees with a tight 5-degree beam at its narrowest. The beam has the ability converge or diverge more compared to a standard ACL.

The units are available in different paint finishes, and with various light engines – including white, daylight white, RGBW, and RGBA — with tunable white and UV available in the single fixtures from the autumn.

i-Pix has also hot-rodded it’s complete BB range so each new BB now emits four times the light output for the same power consumption. The RGB light engine has also been enhanced with a new green LED, improving the color mixing CIE triangle available across the whole BB range.

The BB 1 and BB 1 Narrow Beam fixtures now feature a substantial increase in intensity, with five times the output for the 20-degree, 35-degree, and 45-degree versions, and a three-fold increase for the 10-degree beam version.

Utilizing an RGB and daylight white combined light engine, the BB1 and BB1 Narrow Beam fixtures are IP 68 rated and therefore submersible, complete with a salt-resistant paint finish (different colors available to order) and a new six-way stagebox and rack-mount system.

Australian Distributor: Lightmoves www.lightmoves.com.au