I Just Want To Turn It On!

Posted on Thursday, February 5th, 2009

It should be simple! You need to supply remotely switched clean mains power to various items in your rig. Moving lights, strobes, motors, projectors, LED fittings, even elements of your sound systems.

Some manufacturers will spend a great deal of time telling you in exhaustive detail how a dimmer latched at full will do the job. The reality however is, dimmers deliver a disturbed waveform even latched at full and the chance for failure in key components is greatly increased when powering electronics in this way. This is the reason why many manufacturers of moving lights will void your warranty if you use dimmers to supply their fixtures.

The other option has been to use one of a host of small DMX controlled switchpacks, but the problem here is that most have current ratings that are insufficient to cope with any of the real-world jobs you want them to do. It’s great if you want to run a couple of pinspots, but useless when confronted with a moving light that draws 8-10 amps.

Jands power distribution units have long been a popular solution given their fully standards approved construction and excellent value for money. But until now, this meant forgoing the convenience of remote control. No longer!

The new JANDS HPX12-AZ290 switchrack delivers full DMX controlled relay switching at 20amps per circuit (more than enough for the most power hungry power amp or moving light). A digital display and miniature switches are used to select the DMX start channel, control the test functions, and set other operating modes. The start channel can be set to any valid DMX number from 1 to 512 while the DMX circuitry also incorporates an internal terminate facility that when activated minimises signal reflections on long data control lines for worry free operation.

In addition to the DMX input, the HPX12-AZ290 features a Control input connector on the front panel. The Control input allows a single low voltage switch closure to activate all of the enabled channels. The delay between channel activations is adjustable from the menu in 0.5 second increments up to 5 seconds meaning items with high start up currents, such as with power amplifiers and discharge fixtures, can be switched on progressively to avoid overloading the main breaker. The control input circuitry is designed to allow multiple HPX12-AZ290’s to be controlled from one physical switch, so all your highly trained bar staff will need to do, is throw one switch and the HPX12-AZ290 looks after the rest! The high current relays have been selected for long life and provide a clear air gap in the Active output of any channel that is switched off for full compliance with electrical safety standards.

At just $2,395.00 RRP the HPX12-AZ290 is way more than just a switch yet to loads in your installation, that is exactly what it appears to be. Clean mains power. Nothing less and nothing more.