Hugh Taranto lights The Voice Australia

Posted on Friday, July 6th, 2012


The Voice Australia has become the musical and social media phenomenon of 2012 with Channel 9 enjoying massive ratings for this talent show with a twist.

Filmed at Sydney’s Fox Studios, the show is lit by Hugh Taranto with Chameleon Touring Systems supplying the equipment. Ian Anderson is the console programmer/op with Paul Collison appointed as the Screens Content Supervisor.

The show’s producers wanted the set and lighting to have a rock’n’roll concert feel to it and so Mondrian-inspired truss grids (Global Truss from Design Quintessence) are an integral element of the scenic design. Attached to these truss grids are Martin MAC101 LED wash lights, forty-eight in total that create audience lighting as well as truss lighting.

“The MAC101’s are very reliable which is important as the truss grids are fairly inaccessible,” said Hugh Taranto. “The MAC101’s are easy to just keep running and don’t require a lot of attention. Further audience lighting is supplied by sixty MAC2000 washes which are always a dependable, bright wash light.”

Sixty MAC700 Profiles are also used to light the audience as well as positioned in clusters of four on stage that can fly in and out.

Forty-six Pro Shop LED PARs are used to colour the box truss and truss fingers over the stage. The lighting underneath the runways and the main stage is delivered by forty-eight Pulsar ChromaBanks.

Hugh loves having sixty-eight Show-tec Sunstrips to play with describing them as awesome! The Sunstrips consist of ten 75watt Halogen lamps, built-in dimmer and DMX resulting in an interesting fixture like an updated zipstrip.

“We’ve pixel-mapped them into our media server and you can get some great effects with them,” he remarked. “They’re great for the rock numbers but just as useful for the down tempo numbers with a texture or piece of video running through them. They’re versatile, reliable and have been received really well.”

Hugh deploys Robert Juliat follow spots – four Victor and two Super Korrigan models – chosen for their even colour temperature and intensity

Control is all MA Lighting with Hugh using a MA2 full size console whilst Ian and Paul each use a MA2 light console. A spare console is available for programming on the floor.

“We’re all running the same show networked together so we’re all backing each other up and it’s working really well,” commented Hugh. “We often share the load or stay within our own worlds depending on what works best. It’s a great and reliable system.”