Hippotizer 3.2 Beta Goes to Public

Posted on Tuesday, November 27th, 2012

Green Hippo announces that Hippotizer 3.2 Beta is now available as a public download.

3.2 recognizes a year’s efforts from the whole team at Green Hippo. Expanding in staff and office space as well as reshuffling roles, 3.2 is the fruit of this work. It’s the biggest release in terms of features and fixes since V3 first became available.

New features in 3.2 Beta include: RegionMapper, X-fade on layer, multi-select, Mackie, presets2, MaNet, time code on-a-layer and watch folders, along with a host of smaller features and bug fixes.

Hippotizer product manager Lee House says: “3.2 is the result of a new way that Green Hippo is bringing software to the users. We have invested in new processes and team members to make sure that we have taken all the requests from our users and created something special for them. As innovators in the market, again we have pushed forward and set the bar higher.”

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