Hills SVL – Still the Same Great Intuitive Integrated Solutions with a new Face!

Posted on Wednesday, February 9th, 2011

Shareholders in Hills Industries Limited (ASX: “HIL”) overwhelmingly approved a name change to Hills Holdings Limited to better reflect the diversity of the Company’s operations that has evolved over the years.

Shareholders voted on the name change at Hills’ annual general meeting in Adelaide late last year.

“Hills Holdings more accurately reflects the diverse range of businesses under the Hills group umbrella, including market-leading interests in businesses that are not industrial,” the Company’s Managing Director, Mr Graham Twartz, said.

“Many people think we just make hoists, some people know we are diverse but are not sure what we have diversified into. Yet we are a strong, positive company with around $1.2 billion in turnover and some 3,000 employees,” Mr Twartz said.

As part of Hills Holdings, Hills Sound Vision and Lighting have also welcomed a new logo, which is more in line with other parts of the Hills business.

“The new name is a significant and positive change for Hills and Hills SVL. It will ensure that all markets relevant to our business – including our shareholders – see the true diversity of Hills and can see the significant investment Hills has in the electronics market, evidenced by their role in the NBN, subscription TV, security and of course AV industry,” Stuart Craig, General Manager, Hills SVL said.