High Noon passes the winning post with Martin and MA

Posted on Wednesday, September 1st, 2010

The irrepressible Dyke Dunning, managing director of Brisbane-based High Noon Productions, likens his recent purchases from Show Technology to race horses.

”My stable needed another top performer and the grandMA ultra light was the ultimate choice,” he related. “It’s got good breeding, it’s got good form and it has been a proven winner.

”The grandMA fulfills the multimedia area with control through the lighting console and so it has becomes more and more popular. As a result, the AV guys who used to be around twenty years ago with their RGB demanding lots of money have lost to the lighting guys who now do their job!”

Spurred on by excellent reviews which made them a dead cert, Dyke also added sixteen Martin MAC700 fixtures to his stable.

”Again, with the MAC700’s I needed a top performer in my stables so I looked at what the Europeans were doing and the MAC700’s were the new, beaut thing over there. I bought the MAC700’s without trying or testing them – or riding them – because of their proven reliability, track record and breeding.”

The grandMA and the MAC700’s are used on High Noon’s own productions and in the dry hire department.

”The sixteen MAC700’s are a very good dry hire commodity,” commented Dyke. “However, I’d rather have sixteen race horses………”

Dyke notes that Show Technology are the best company that he has ever dealt with and it’s odds on that he’ll remain a faithful punter of theirs for years to come.

”I have a lot of admiration for Emmanuel and the way that he runs his business,” he said. “Their backup service is second to none.”

Photographed are: Regan Hammond and Josh Songergeld