High End Systems launches Hog4 family

Posted on Tuesday, October 23rd, 2012

High End Systems announced the Hog4 family at the LDI 2012 trade show in Las Vegas. This new range of control products includes four platforms, all running a new Hog4operating system (Hog4 OS). A Playback wing and a Master wing complete the lineup.

The Hog4 flagship console is joined by the all new Full Boar 4, Road Hog4, Nano Hog4 and Hog4PC, creating a broad range of control products suitable for any size show, from productions in a local theatre to the largest arena and stadium tours. All products are immediately available for order.

All of the consoles feature wide screen displays, solid state hard drives, all new User Keys, a unified Hog4OS and extremely fast boot and show load times. There are 43 new features currently shipping at launch time. High End Systems has retained the industry acclaimed layout of its console range, which allows users to move to the new platforms with minimum delay. Even Hog4 PC has had additional value added in the ability to output Art-Net and sACN protocols directly from a computer running Hog4 PC, when a DMX widget is attached.

Chris Ferrante, Hog product manager added, “Our focus with this launch was to provide a range of products that can fit the needs of a wide variety of customers. The entire family runs on the same operating system, enabling show files to be portable across all platforms. Our long time users will immediately notice a 100% increase in performance responsiveness. The console boot-up process takes about 23 seconds and show-loads are virtually instantaneous. In addition, we have added features like ‘user kinds’ which will give operators extreme flexibility controlling complex fixtures and significantly reduce show programming steps and time.”

Robbie Bruce, long time HES and console veteran, lead the development team and said in closing, “The software features we have added just touch the surface of what we will be able to do with this new hardware platform. An aggressive software release schedule is in place, and the next major version of software will include media integration, alongside an enhanced FX engine.”

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