High End Systems is ALL ABOUT LED at LDI 2015

Posted on Tuesday, November 17th, 2015


heldiAt the LDI exhibition held last week in Las Vegas, lighting professionals witnessed the release of the brightest, most fully featured LED moving lights the industry has ever seen. For the first time ever, LED fixtures are brighter than their 1500w metal halide equivalents, but use only half the power! The future truly is LED, and High End Systems is pleased to announce that the future has arrived.

Joining the broadest LED moving light range on the market, the SolaWash Pro 2000 and SolaSpot Pro 2000 both utilise the latest in bright white LED engine technology. At the heart of both units is a 600 watt LED engine producing a stunning 35,000 lumens of crisp, bright and even light output.

The SolaWash Pro 2000 combines three products in one. Two variable custom edge wash filters produce varying degrees of soft edge without compromising light output. When variable wash is disengaged, the SolaWash Pro 2000 offers an incredibly powerful five degree beam at the narrow end. Together beam and wash provide an unparalleled 5.5 to 51 degree zoom! All of this is coupled with a full field framing system with rotation to create what others would need three fixtures to achieve. Additional features include CMY + CTO, two colour wheels (one interchangeable) and an iris.

The SolaSpot Pro 2000 is packed full of features, giving the designer complete creative freedom. Two rotating Gobo wheels, two fully retractable Animation wheels, two rotating Prisms, an Iris, a fixed colour wheel and a CMY + CTO system (which designers have been raving about) are complemented by specially designed long throw optics, allowing sharp focus to be achieved throughout the entirety of the 8 to 45 degree zoom range, perfect for use on large scale stadium shows. Both fixtures also include High End Systems’ patented thermal control software, making these high brightness fixtures whisper quiet by default, far quieter than their metal halide counterparts.

High End Systems’ General Manager Chris Ferrante comments, “There is no longer a need for designers to compromise between output and silence, between a flat even field and a punchy look, and between what the show looks like on the first day and after 200 hours of lamp life. The future is LEDS and that future has arrived.

“The launch of these new products in the SolaRange continues our aggressive introduction of cutting edge LED technology. Last year we released the SolaSpot Pro 1500 and a year later we are raising the bar once again. Most exciting of it all is that we are not stopping there – and it is not just about products. Along with our partners we are building an incredibly strong team here at High End Systems and we cannot wait to see everyone at LDI this year.”

In addition to releasing the brightest, most fully featured LED moving lights the industry has ever seen, High End Systems is excited to announce UNO. Utilising the largest, high efficiency TIR lens ever developed for the entertainment industry, UNO is a LED beam light for the future. An Osram 60x RGBW LED coupled with High End’s proprietary 106mm TIR lens produces the brightest, tightest and most homogenized LED beam to date – which along with lightning fast movement creates three degrees of incredible effects.

The sleek, compact, fast and lightweight design includes an actively regulated cooling system to ensure the quietest operation as well as advanced thermal protection for the LED package, both of which are patented High End Systems technologies. The future is LED and that future has arrived.

HES General Manager Chris Ferrante adds, “Not content with once again setting the standard in LED technology, we have decided to launch yet another exciting product at this year’s LDI. UNO, with its enormous TIR lens, is a super addition to what is already the most complete LED portfolio available today.”

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