HES TechnoArc Automated Luminaire

Posted on Monday, June 18th, 2012

High End Systems, a Barco company, announces the release of the TechnoArc automated luminaire.  First shown earlier this year at the PLASA Focus: Austin tradeshow, TechnoArc represents the continuing growth of the company’s automated luminaire product line.

Designed for a wide variety of small and medium scale performance applications, TechnoArc is a compact soft-edge luminaire with exceptional value and performance. A natural companion to the hard-edged Technospot, this full featured fixture is designed for club, stage, and studio applications where environmental durability and high quality output are required.

TechnoArc features smooth CMY colour mixing and a fixed color wheel. Following the professional lighting, large-exiting aperture trend, TechnoArc features a prominent 6.5 inch lens, 8° to 32° zoom, and more than 14,000 lumens of output.

A smooth field, soft-edge illumination is produced using a patented radial lenticular homogenizing lens system that provides a signature look on stage. Furthermore, a stunning collimated 5° beam of hard-edge light is possible when bypassing the radial lenticular lens.  A mechanical iris provides even narrower beams for incredibly thin shafts of output.

TechnoArc also features the indigo highlighter which provides additional light output from four 1-watt indigo LEDs, thus increasing the layering abilities of the large aperture fixture.

“We are extremely pleased to offer our customer’s a wash light to complement the Technospot,” said High End Systems CEO Bill Morris.  “The incredible output combined with the additional features of a tight, hard edge beam and indigo highlighter set this fixture apart from other wash lights currently on the market.”

TechnoArc is now shipping from the company’s Austin, TX headquarters.

Australian Distributor: Lexair Entertainment info@lexair.com.au or 0418 691 509.