Herkes Pro Lighting at Greenwich Public School

Posted on Thursday, August 25th, 2011

Earlier this month Jenni Bittar of Greenwich Public School was facing a dilemma. Her school was the proud recipient of a BER funded multi purpose hall that had a stage area and a lighting bar but nothing else. And the lighting bar was 75mm in diameter with eight switched gpo’s and no data lines. With a school concert fast approaching Jenni contacted Herkes for help.

Phil Dunesky conducted a site visit and immediately began thinking outside the square. “The hall was complete,” he said. “Fully lined, a small box of a room half way along one wall, with a solid door that opened into the hall, was supposed to be a control room.”

The lighting bar was hard wired to eight switched circuits from this control room with no patching facilities for conventional fixtures. There were no data lines and no way of installing any without serious disturbance to the wall and ceiling linings. 

Phil put his thinking cap on and the result was a proposal for six Pro-Shop Quad Colour Multi-pars, four Selecon Acclaim Wide Zoomspots, four Strand Lightpack dimmers for the Acclaims and a WDMX Micro wireless system. Control was to be by a Strand 200+ 24/48 console.

“Everything but the desk and transmitter takes its power from the switched outlets on the bar, and the WDMX provides a wireless DMX network that controls all the fixtures from anywhere the school wants to set up the desk,” explained Phil. “Even from the Secretaries office! It was quick to set up, easy to explain and the combination of LED Multi-pars and conventional profile spots was just what the school needed.”

Jenni took a crash course in 200 series operation, and says “Our school already had one quote for lighting that involved much cabling and the control panel being set in the (BER titled) “sound room” where you have to walk out to actually see the stage!  I wanted to investigate further and Herkes was recommended as the company to call.  We were so lucky to have been given this recommendation as Herkes and Phil Dunesky have been amazing.  When Phil first visited he thanked me for inviting him to my nightmare!  The wireless solution he came up with for our hall is incredible and our office manager is highly delighted that she can operate the lights from her office if needed!  Herkes were fantastic from start to finish but the thing I appreciate most is the patience and kindness Phil has shown me in the training on how to use the system, happily answering and making follow-up calls to check on things and not laughing too much at stupid questions!  Our school hall looks fabulous with the lighting we have purchased and the solution Phil came up with is perfect.”