Half a Tonne of TW1’s!

Posted on Tuesday, April 6th, 2010

Resolution X had just notched up a half century with their 50th Martin MAC TW1 added to their hire stock.

”These units have proved immensely popular across all our markets,” remarked Tim Hall, Resolution X’s managing director. “Even though we now have over 50 MAC TW1 units in hire there is hardly ever one in the factory. Everyone seems to love them and as soon as they are back we barely see them before they go out the door again.”

The MAC TW1 is a powerful, silent tungsten wash light with a clean, even, soft-edged beam, a motorized zoom, exceptional and rich CMY colour mixing and dimming can be operated from either the built-in dimmer or from an external dimming system.

Captured is Liz Beedle, head of moving lights for ResX, making the most of a rare moment when some of the MAC TW1’s are actually available for photographing!