Gympie’s Victory Church sees the light

Posted on Thursday, September 17th, 2009

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Johannes Solymosi, all-round technician at Gympie’s Victory Church, can’t stop raving about his latest lighting package from Brisbane Sound Group; Martin SCX700 scanners, Pro Shop LED Strips and a JEM Magnum hazer.

”I sort of know what I wanted,” said Johannes. “I wanted some kind of moving lights and I guessed that scanners were the way to go as we didn’t need too much movement with pan and tilt as it’s basically just keeping the light on the stage. I discussed my requirements with Chris Hayes from Brisbane Sound Group and we decided that six scanners would be ideal for the size of the stage.”

Chris suggested that Johannes opt for the Martin SCX700 scanners especially as their brightness seemed just right for side of the stage.

”I also wanted a well known brand such as Martin to ensure back up service,” added Johannes. “The SCX700’s offer a variety of possibilities like moving pan and tilt macros if you need to do something instantly. We use the scanners in conjunction with the Magnum hazer which works very well in our setting – the beams of the scanners come out very nicely in the haze. Initially I was concerned how this would work in a church and I didn’t plan on getting a fog machine as they’re too thick and too obvious. Chris showed me the Magnum hazer and I found that if it is on the minimum setting there is just enough haze in the air to see the rays but not too much for church-goers. It’s just the right amount and I’m really happy with it.”

The church already owned a few Pro Shop LED Strips but Johannes wanted to purchase enough to fill the entire stage backdrop so now they own sixteen of the popular units.

”We also purchased fourteen PAR56 LED’s for texture on the backdrop and that works well too and gives the back wall extra depth,” he said.