Martin, Robert Juliat and ShowPro for GYC

Posted on Friday, November 20th, 2015

gyc1Tasmania’s Guilford Young College recently opened their Don Bosco Creative Arts Centre, a 600-seat proscenium arch theatre with full fly tower capabilities. Hobart’s Alive Technology supplied the venue with 40 x Martin RUSH Par2 RGBW Zoom, 15 x ShowPro LED Cyc RGBAW and 2 x Robert Juliat Topaze followspots.

Matt Andrewartha, Arts Technician at Guilford Young College, explained why they chose the Martin RUSH Par2 zoom fixtures.

“We wanted a fixture that could provide colour wash but also have a zoom. As it is a RGBW fixture we can get pretty much any colour wash we need out of them to augment the small amount of tungsten we have in the rig.”

The RUSH PAR 2 RGBW Zoom is a bright single-lens LED PAR Can with fully premixed colour from 12 RGBW LEDs and a spectacular 10 – 60 ° zoom. It offers electronic dimming and strobe and comes with a flexible bracket for floor or truss mounting.

Matt reports that the RUSH Par2’s have performed spectacularly well and that the students have absolutely no issues whatsoever controlling them. In fact, they do everything that is asked of them!

gyc4The ShowPro LED Cyc fixtures were chosen for their low heat emission and ease of colour mixing that the LEDs offer. Using RGBWA LED chips complete with amber depth control, means that this unit is suitable for real world use. Complete with individual LED electronic dimming, stand alone or in built programs as well as being DMX controllable, means this unit is suitable for every level of the pro-lighting industry.

When it came to the followspots, Matt wanted the best and knew that would be Robert Juliat. Still, he looked at some other manufacturers’ offerings but nothing could beat the Topaze for this application.

“It really suits the space and the students can easily operate them with minimal instruction,” commented Matt. “They have a lot of fun with them and it’s great that we are able to teach them with the best the industry has to offer is a big positive for us.”

Topaze 1200 MSD followspots combine a powerful output within an economical package, both in initial expenditure and running costs. Topaze use a long lamp life and the full range of features on these units brings Robert Juliat quality within reach of all budgets.